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“When Heaven Burns” rocked my world.

It has been a long time since I felt moved to write about something. Though it was aired in Hong Kong in late 2011, I only recently watched this show.

Brought to us by acclaimed producing/writing team, Jonathan Chik (戚其义) and Chow Yuk Ming (周旭明), “When Heaven Burns” (天與地) is most aptly named.

The Cantonese/Chinese title literally means – Heaven (天堂) and Hell (地獄), or as I interpret it – where heaven meets hell. For that is the exact premise of the series, a dark landscape of fierce turmoil, littered with spots of profound happiness and peace.

It was not what I expected from a TVB drama serial and I could not stop thinking about this show, its scenes, its characters, its music, its words. When I started writing, I realised that I wanted to do more than a review. I wanted to reminisce about it.

Before you start this long trek down memory lane with me, please be aware that this post is riddled with spoilers. Do not read unless you have watched the show in its entirety, have no intention of watching it, or just wish to read an English recap/translation of (what I deem to be) the pertinent parts of the show.

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