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Moving out of Lima

After a rocky fourth season and suffering through a devastating blow, Glee looks like it might be getting back on its feet.

Spoilers for Glee Season 5 Episode 6 – Movin’ Out

This episode kicked off with an utterly charming version of Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out”. The seniors are graduating soon and most of them look set to move to NYC. The solos were well interpreted and nicely worked into their respective story lines, though Blaine’s “Piano Man” came a little out of left field. Ending with the rousing “You May Be Right”, this was a feel good episode chock full of the show’s trademark irreverent references and inopportune actions, leading to many hilarious and awkward moments, something it has been missing for a while.

However, the stand out number this week was that intimate rendition of “Just The Way You Are”, the flawless harmonies, the soft piano and groove, that divine loft, everything clicked into place, it was gorgeous.

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RIP Finn Hudson

I am still in slight disbelief about Cory Monteith’s death. Words escape me when I think of how Finn Hudson is gone, forever.

In many ways, season four will be the show’s real finale, because Glee will never be the same without its leading man.

A couple of months ago, I put together a musical summary of the fourth season, just for private recollection. In a small tribute to the end of a phenomenon, I would like to share this summary with all my fellow Gleeks (download torrent here).

Goodbye Cory, you were loved and will be missed.

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Glee – Season 4 – Going back to the start.

Some spoilers below…

So the fourth season of Glee has just ended and for those who have not been watching the series lately, I would describe it as uneven and fragmented.

I like the new kids but the goings-on at McKinley High just felt too much like a junior reboot of season one. The most interesting thing about this latest season was how they tackled the turmoil of transitioning from one stage of life to another.

The disjointed storylines and scheduling actually added to the sense of lives and relationships unravelling as characters struggled with the demands of the present, while yearning for the familiar.

Awashed in the all too real feelings of loneliness and insecurity warring with exhilaration and ambition, characters looked as lost and confused as viewers probably felt. So I was surprised when following them on the thorny path to maturity actually paid dividends.

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