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A letter to Donald Trump

Dear President-Elect Trump,

After winning against all odds, it must be dispiriting to see so many people walking the streets in protest of your hard-fought victory.

Perhaps it would help to see it from a different angle. Here I would like to borrow some lines from a Hong Kong show – When Heaven Burns:

“Many people have gathered because they could not abide it. They could not abide that in a country of several million people, cultural sensitivity can be so meager.

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Hillary’s Hallelujah

Kate McKinnon has been parodying Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US Presidential Election, together with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on SNL (Saturday Night Live).

So when the cold open of the first SNL episode after the election, featured her performing the famed lament of Leonard Cohen, I thought, “How clever, a uniquely SNL eulogy to two recent painful┬álosses.”

Kate in her Hillary guise, played the piano and sang “Hallelujah” with a touch of her usual levity, making faces, tossing back her head and winking at the audience.

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Adele makes your dreams come true

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, your dreams come true.

Especially if that star is Adele.

Maybe it is because you have a natural talent for it or maybe her songs have touched you too deeply. But whatever the reason, imagine that you have spent countless hours studying a singer’s mannerisms and performances and became proficient enough at imitating them that you could attempt to make a living out of it.

Then at an audition, you are backstage waiting for your turn and chatting to your fellow impersonators about her new album. One says she is taking her time with it, another talks about her taking her shoes off at Royal Albert Hall. Someone, the moody one, starts showing nerves.

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