Yes, Your Honour…


A letter to Donald Trump

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Dear President-Elect Trump,

After winning against all odds, it must be dispiriting to see so many people walking the streets in protest of your hard-fought victory.

Perhaps it would help to see it from a different angle. Here I would like to borrow some lines from a Hong Kong show – When Heaven Burns:

“Many people have gathered because they could not abide it. They could not abide that in a country of several million people, cultural sensitivity can be so meager.

There is no need to reproach this gathering, for each person here represents a separate, different and individual way of living.

This is not discordant behaviour, for harmony is not a hundred people saying the same words, but one hundred people with a hundred different opinions, still able to respect each other.”

Prove to those who voted for you that their faith in you was well-placed. Show your detractors and the rest of the world that you are able to find a peaceful way for the myriad people in America to live in happy, diverse coexistence.

That would be truly impressive.

Yours truly,
A concerned outsider.

P.S. For all the disheartened, I leave you with another line from the same show:

“When people lament about marginalisation in the country, we feel despondent, but  perhaps we only feel marginalised while confined within a conventional point of view.”


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