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Glee – Season 4 – Going back to the start.

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Some spoilers below…

So the fourth season of Glee has just ended and for those who have not been watching the series lately, I would describe it as uneven and fragmented.

I like the new kids but the goings-on at McKinley High just felt too much like a junior reboot of season one. The most interesting thing about this latest season was how they tackled the turmoil of transitioning from one stage of life to another.

The disjointed storylines and scheduling actually added to the sense of lives and relationships unravelling as characters struggled with the demands of the present, while yearning for the familiar.

Awashed in the all too real feelings of loneliness and insecurity warring with exhilaration and ambition, characters looked as lost and confused as viewers probably felt. So I was surprised when following them on the thorny path to maturity actually paid dividends.

Even as characters grew in poise and confidence, their performances gained an almost painful rawness. Glee struck new notes of poignancy as it looked back and reclaimed the past, in order to move forward and embrace the future.

Glee is not an experience that words can easily capture, so instead of trying to write about it, I have pieced together a summary of season four, told entirely through songs (fellow Gleeks can drop me a line about this).

This season in particular, the musical numbers were emotive and descriptive, so much so that it was actually possible to make out what was going on with just a song and dance.

So what is this creative twist that is coming up in season five? With Artie as the latest addition to the NYC gang, is he going to film a movie or reality programme and get all his friends to star in it?

Blaine has already said he would be trying for NYADA, and Mercedes – with her cancelled record deal – looks set to follow him to the Big Apple. But no word on Puck, Tina and Sam.

Finn, Quinn, Mike and Brittany are safely enscounced in their respective colleges, for now. Sue is still in limbo. Too many loose ends as we wait for the next season, coming after a much too long break.


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