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pop-up cards…

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so we decided to celebrate teacher’s day…did i mention that my class was nuts? by then we were already split into our specialisations and the vfx team had charge of the presents for two teachers…so we decided to make pop-up cards, but with a little twist…

we found 3d models of their previous works and imported them into 3ds max, wrote something funny and baked in shadows, then using a plugin, exported them in a format that arive (an open-scource augmented reality application) is able to read. we then designed two plain black and white square cards, with just their names printed on it, and pasted them on roughly cut brown corrugated cardboard. using another augmented reality program (buildar), we created patt files that arive would be able to recognise as markers and tweaked the code so that the program could read two markers simultaneously, instead of just the default single marker.

while the other teachers got beautifully designed cards and gifts, we presented jd and sacha with their primitive single-paged cards, then before they could get too disappointed, ushered them towards a webcam and switched on the overhead projector. as the webcam registered the black and white patterns of the cards, the 3d models prepared in 3ds max would pop up on screen…some of the other teachers were flashing their own cards in front of the webcam, but in vain…all in all, it was a rather successful experiment…


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