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seeing green…

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one of my classmates, the intrepid joseph, decided that he wanted to use a green screen to film his vfx reel, the only problem was that we didn’t have any such facility in our school, so of course we decided to just build one ourselves…

joseph trying to decide if we need more trackers (overkill is not part of our vocabulary)…

andrea hotfooted it down to ikea and bought three lime green shower curtains. on the way, she also bought three fluorescent tubes, starters, holders, etc, and assembled the lights that would act as our main light sources. in the meantime, with the help of jd (our vfx instructor), we commandeered the art room and scrouged up trackers, props and additional lamps. with everything in place, we hung lights from the ceiling, attached the curtains on the walls and floor, strategically placed markers and props for easy tracking…soon we were up and running, with joseph acting, andrea handling the lights, davin as the dolly man and myself shooting…think we spent less than fifty bucks on this…


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