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a stab at animatics…

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i debated about whether this belongs under animation but with the emphasis on timing and camera angles, i reckoned that animation wasn’t such a bad fit after all…a storyboarding exercise, the assignment was to come up with a short story or scene that highlights one of three themes available – a fight, a chase or an emotional moment – i chose to do a chase sequence…drawn in photoshop, complied in premiere…

…this was the write-up describing the scene:

We open on a street flanked by a row of single-storied shops on either side. It is a lazy morning, bright and sedate as we see people leisurely making their way down the street, window shopping, chatting…

The peaceful scene is broken by the entrance of a rollerblader. Speeding past a man carrying a briefcase, the blader casually reaches out and snatches it out of his hand. The man shouts and runs after the rollerblader, drawing everyone’s attention.

Seeing that the street is blocked by people, all alerted to the presence of a thief, the blader swerves towards a wide stone handrail, smoothly leaps up and blades to the top, ending in a flip that allows a landing on the edge of a shop’s roof.

The man runs alongside on the ground as the rollerblader deftly grinds the length of the roof and upon reaching the corner, hops off with a fancy jump. The man rounds the corner of the shop only to find an empty alley that splits two ways. As he contemplates the path to take, we see that the rollerblader is hiding in the left pathway, not far from where the man himself is standing.


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