Yes, Your Honour…


a medieval rockband…so dubbed by km

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tasked to envision three archetypal characters, one good, one bad and one neutral, who belong in the same realm, this was what i came up with:

 In a world where elemental creatures are mastered by music, three schools of skilled musicians rule…

Strong but slow, earth creatures answer to the beat of the drum and other percussion instruments. Borrowing the immense strength of the earth creatures, these musicians are able to build and fortify sturdy houses and sprawling towns tend to form round their dwellings, thus they are respected and viewed as leaders.

Wandering minstrels, using string instruments to communicate with water nymphs, they reflect the nature of the creatures they control, attractive, passionate and dauntless. They are well-loved and welcomed but leave behind a trail of broken hearts in their wake when the inevitable thirst for adventure takes them. 





Wielding wind instruments, these musicians are highly intellegent and disciplined, characteristics needed to control the flighty air creatures they summon. Because of the whimsical nature of the air creatures, who love to play pranks and spy on people, these musicians are often viewed with suspicion and fear.


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