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phantom…an unlikely player in an unlikely sport

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in the tradition of “blood bowl”, we were to design a participant for a game of monster rugby, we had five teams of scaries to choose from – aliens, clowns, magicians, cyclops and demons – i chose clowns because they are menacing yet melancholic, with painted faces and elaborate costumes that disguise their passions, their pain, i thought of circus clowns, which led me to cirque du soleil with their acrobatics and theatrical flair, which led me to carnivals and masquerades, and i realised that i had found my character…

…i realised that a doublet, with its puffy sleeves and ruffled collar, coupled with loose breeches, looked remarkably like a traditional clown’s outfit. replacing the hose and boots with the long socks and shoes that rugby players wear, as well as using the rugby colours of blue and yellow, the costume was still in keeping with the masquerade theme, yet managing to look sportive as well…

…the plain mask that adorns his face replaces the painted visage of a clown, making him appear more remote and secretive, only the two drops of tears hinting at the emotions hidden beneath. in one hand, he lightly grasps a tragedy half mask, deeply etched in sorrow, the comedy half of the theatrical masks nowhere to be seen. in the other hand, he holds a riding crop (to match the doublet and breeches) but with its end curved like a hook. this prop reveals his position on the rugby team, identifying him as a hooker…pls keep your mind out of the gutter, it’s a real position 🙂

here’s the character background that i came up with:

An ex-Olympics gymnast haunted by the memories of a horrific accident, the Phantom turns to blood sport in an attempt to soothe the stirring beast within. His years of athletic training allows him to slip behind enemy defences undetected and steal the ball without anyone being the wiser. Always poised and graceful, he is largely untouched by the sea of violence surrounding him.


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